Microsoft SQL Server


Elevate your database management skills with our MSSQL Server Training. Dive into comprehensive SQL training tailored to meet industry demands. At TechnoFine24, we offer the best SQL Server training, providing hands-on experience in database management and optimization. Our expert instructors ensure you grasp essential SQL concepts, empowering you to design and maintain robust databases efficiently. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned professional, our MSSQL Server Training equips you with the expertise needed to excel in database management. Join us and unlock new career opportunities in Noida’s competitive market.

1. SQL Server Fundamentals

1. MS SQL Server Installation
2. Users and Groups
3. SQL Server Features and Scope
4. Using SQL Server Management Studio
5. Configuration Tools

3. Tables in SQL Server

  1. SQL Server Database Tools
  2. Table Creation using T-SQL Scripts
  3. Naming conventions for columns
  4. Single and Multi-row inserts
  5. Table aliases
  6. Column aliases and usage
  7. Table creation in schemas
  9. SELECT Queries with various customizations and options
  10. WHERE Clause, LIKE, IN and BETWEEN operators

5. View and Row Data Security

  1. Creating Views
  2. Benefits of Views
  3. Schema Binding and Encryption
  4. Issues with View and Alter Table
  5. Common system views and metadata
  6. Common management views
  7. Using views with joins

7. Stored Procedures and Benefits

  1. Why to use Stored Procedures?
  2. Types of Stored Procedures
  3. Use of variable and parameters
  4. Input and Output parameters
  5. System Level Stored Procedures

9. Triggers and Cursors

  1. Why to use Triggers?
  2. DML Triggers and Performance impact
  3. Inserted and Deleted Memory Tables

2. MSSQL Server Database

  1. SQL Database Architecture
  2. Database creation using GUI
  3. Database creation using T-SQL Scripts
  4. Database Designing using Files and File Groups
  5. File location and Size Parameters
  6. Database Structure Modifications

4. Data Validation and Constraints

  1. Table creation using Constraints
  2. NULL and IDENTITY operators
  3. UNIQUE and NOT NULL constraint
  4. Primary Key Constraint and usage
  5. CHECK and DEFAULT Constraint
  6. Enabling and Disabling the Constraints

6. Indexes and Query Tuning

  1. Need for indexes and query usage
  2. Indexing table and view columns
  3. Index Scan and Seek
  4. Included Indexes and Usage
  5. Indexes and Table Constraints
  6. Primary Keys and Non-clustered Indexes

8. System Functions and Usage

  1. Scalar Valued Functions
  2. Types of Table Valued Functions
  3. Date and Time Functions
  4. Mathematical and String Functions
  5. Grouping Functions

10. Transactions Management

  1. ACID properties and Scope
  2. EXPLICIT Transaction Types
  3. IMPLICIT Transactions and options
  4. AUTOCOMMIT Transaction and Usage
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