REST Assured API Testing

1. Client Server Basics

  1. Client Server Architecture and HTTP Protocol
  2. What is HTTP Request?
  3. What is HTTP Response?

3. Setting Up Environment

  1. Installing Java Development Kit (JDK) and Maven.
  2. Configuring Rest Assured in a Maven project.
  3. Setting up a testing environment with TestNG or JUnit.

5. Getting Started with Rest Assured

  1. Exploring Rest Assured syntax and basic concepts.
  2. Writing your first Rest Assured test case.
  3. Making HTTP requests (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) using Rest Assured.
  4. Understanding Request and Response specifications.

7. Advanced Rest Assured Concepts

  1. Working with Query Parameters and Path Parameters.
  2. Handling Authentication (Basic, Digest, Bearer Token Authentication, OAuth).
  3. Dealing with Cookies and Sessions.
  4. Logging requests and responses.

9. Framework Development

  1. Read data from properties file
  2. TestNG data provider
  3. Reading data from excel
  4. Parameterization using hash table
  5. Extent Report

2. RESTful Basics

  1. Understanding APIs and their significance in software development.
  2. Different types of APIs (RESTful, SOAP, GraphQL, etc.).
  3. Overview of API testing and its importance in the software testing life cycle (STLC).

4. RESTful API

  1. What is REST?
  2. What is REST API?
  3. Introduction to Rest Assured and its features.

6. Handling Responses in Rest Assured

  1. Validating response status codes.
  2. Verifying response headers and content types.
  3. Asserting response body using JSON/XML Path.

8. Serialization and deserialization

  1. What is Serializing a JSON?
  2. What is Deserializing of a JSON Response?
  3. How to Deserialize JSON Response to Class with Rest Assured?’
  4. How to Deserialize JSON Response Body based on Response Status?

10. Validating XML Response

  1. How to extract XML response?
  2. Validating XML Response Documents
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